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We have midget performer specialists that can do over 1,000 designs.
• Do not make your party boring by just getting a cake and gifts because you might make all the boys and girls bored and want to leave a a little early then expected, you always should throw some type of entertainment in there or just a hobby to keep the guests busy and why not entertain them with one of our professional midget performers? They are very affordable and we offer 60 minute, and 120 minute specials for everyone in your area.
• Most of our midget performers are hired out of san gabriel valley but can travel anywhere in the state that you need. all of our specialists must have atleast 5 to 10 years experience before we send them out on the field.
  • Mrs. Mouse
  • Mr. Mouse
  • Man Of Iron
  • Mr. America
  • Umpa Lumpa
  • Santa's Elfs
  • Mini Wrestling
  • Michael Jackson
  • Tiny Kim Kardashian
  • Village People
  • Tiny Clowns
  • Walking Spider For Kids Birthday Parties
  • Mr. Bat, and Midget Tossing
  • Mr. America, Little Person Mini DeadMau5 DJ
  • Vice President Woody Elmo Harrelson
  • Funny Sponge Monster
  • Call Our CEO Captain Barney or Mickey For Questions
  • Call Our President Minnie For Reservations
  • We Have Enough Man Power For 300 Parties
  • Services For Leprechauns, and Wedding Officiants
  • We Also Have Cool Kitty Ninja's, train operators
  • Kids, Adults And Teenage Power Birthday Parties
  • Los Angeles
  • Orange County
  • San Diego
  • San Bernardino
  • Palm Springs
  • San Gabriel
  • San Francisco
  • Santa Fernando
  • Riverside
  • Long Beach
  • California, Hawaii, Las Vegas,









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